The Cunning Linguist

YT-2400 Belonging to Daesha O'Shen


The Cunning Linguist is a well-kept YT-2400 light freighter stolen from O’Shen’s brother, Bril. The YT-2400 is an update to the YT-1300 class light freighter, but is slightly less common than it’s older counterpart.


The Cunning Linguist previously belonged to Daesha’s younger half-brother, Bril. When Bril betrayed her after being caught slave-dealing, Daesha stole the ship with the help of her faithful bodyguard, Sish.

Upon escaping Coruscant, Daesha decided to put together a crew of troubleshooters that would enable her to build up contacts and a fortune in order to return to Coruscant and show Bril for the scum he truly is.

The Cunning Linguist

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