Wookie Engineer/Slicer


Name: Chal’anta
Born: 120 BBY
Height: 6’6"
Fur color: Deep Gray with black streaks

100-115 – I worked in a electronics repair bay of the major space docks for (soon to be named sector). I acted the part of an idiot savant to appear harmless to station personal during the ever growing anti alien sentiment growing in the new empire. The shop is run by a man named Dan Ballock. I lived in the shops back room and did slicing in my off hours.

115 – Unbeknown to me Ballock had been double ordering for imperial contracts and selling the extra units on the black market. The Space station commander has been doing an off the books investigation to find anything to be a feather in his cap. He stumbles across Ballocks operation and sets up a sting. Because the lead up to the investigation has been off the books I only get word of the bust shortly before the shop is about to be raided (same time as Ballock is being taken down). I am arrested for being a Wookie that was employed by a crook. A lot of the station staff speaks up for me as being stupid and harmless. Based on this I am not executed but sent to a labor camp.

116-119 – I come up with an escape plan. I start subtle acts of sabotage on the heavy mining equipment. It takes several days to manifest so I am never stuck using something that breaks. After a month of doing this the maintenance is overflowing. I am carrying back a broken tool to maintenance and fix it in front of the head tech faster than any of his people can. I get reassigned to the maintenance pool to fix all of the tools. I show an aptitude in fixing things in general so I continue to be given further tasks that the other maintenance workers hate doing: fixing refreshers, cleaning heating/cooling ducts (too big to use them to escape so why not). Still considered an idiot I am often left alone with equipment. Using spare parts I construct an electronic key copier. This allows me to steal access codes from officers command rods. This gives me computer access. I cause the wardens personal terminal to break down. When all attempts to undo my work fail they bring me in to fix it. While in the wardens office I fix the issue and also get to copy his personal access codes. With these I can access external communications. I hack the local Moff’s personal account and send him a fake prize of a luxury cruise on a prestigious star liner company. Accepting the fake invitation gives me control of his personal account. He then takes his mistress with him for the cruise. I take control of the security cameras in the star port as he tries to exchange his fake prize. He makes a huge scene and is eventually granted access to the liner. As soon as he leaves I send myself a full pardon to the warden from the Moff’s office terminal. Along with the pardon I am to be given 10,000 credits and a shuttle to take me to my desired destination. I leak the security footage to the Holonet. The Moff is humiliated. The command codes are traced back to the warden and he is executed for letting me go. The Moff sweeps the pardon under the rug and puts a huge price on my head.

120 (current day) – My escape to the outer rim has eaten up the cash I had for bribes and passage. I drop the savant act and begin looking for work as an engineer but don’t advertise my slicing skills.

Motivation – I have an intense hate for the empire. Any job that will allow me to exact revenge in my own subtle way is something I take to with a passion.

Characteristics – I have a very controlled temper for a Wookie. Being small and not strong for a Wookie my father taught me that patience in the hunt is my biggest ally. I am calm, careful and methodical. I am slow to anger, but long to forgive. When I was younger I was a master brewer and will pick up the practice again as soon as I have some time and a warm engine room to modify. (The more research I did the more it seems that Wookies are the Dwarves of the Star Wars universe. They brew beer so strong that it is fatal to most spices. Wookies prefer meat spiced so strongly it has been known to kill folks as well). I would like to brew a weak beer for the crew, and a stronger version for myself.


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