Daesha (O'Shenlan) O'Shen

Twi'lek Politico and Owner of the Cunning Linguist


Date – 33:2:28
Bril was a jerk again today. Just because he’s friends with a Imperial senator doesn’t mean he’s better than me or that his ideas are better. I’ve been trained for this. I am the next clan head after all.

Date – 33:3:5
Undermined again in session. At least he just made it obvious how much of a fool he is. Well, I sure showed him. Although I don’t like the look he was giving me afterwards at all. I mean, it’s just a little sibling rivalry right? We’re family after all, and clan first.

Date – 33:5:19
Training has been hectic. Something’s riled up the elders. They won’t tell me what, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out before it’s an issue.

Date – 34:9:4
Sish and I went down under to visit everyone today. It was great seeing them, it’s been a while. Terrance told Sish to keep a close eye on me for some reason. I mean, really, it’s Sish. He’s always got a close eye on me. Of course, it’s not like I make his job that hard. I may be a bit stubborn, but I’m not stupid or ignorant in any way. According to Terrance there’s some nasty rumors going around about Bril’s human friend. Nothing definite yet, but I will make sure to keep an eye on him, and if there’s any truth to them, I hope Bril’s not stupid enough to be involved. I’d hate to have to help clean up his mess.

Date – 33:10:21
Ha! There was an important meet and greet to-do for the Empire today, and guess who scored an invite? Yours truly. Take that Bril. It’s a great opportunity to network and get my name and face out there. Unfortunately Sish won’t be able to come tonight, but that’s alright, as it’s in one of the poshest hotels. Security will be tight enough to hopefully appease Sish at least a little bit. I’m off to get ready, wish me luck!
Oh goddess, Bril’s human friend is chuff-sucking sleemo that kept following me around and leering. I put him in his place though. Senator or not, I am no schutta! Of course, I told Bril about it later. He said he’d talk to him and handle it, cause he’s my brother and no one treats his sister like that. It’s nice talking to Bril again, even though the laserbrained jerk was gifted an shiny new YT-2400 by said sleemo.

Date – 34:1:24
FROTZ! Frotzfrotzfrotz!!!! I knew I should have told Sish about the senator’s behavior at the party. But no, I thought it was nothing, and let Bril tell me he’d handle it. He handled it alright! Handled it right into a servant’s contract to his buddy for my ‘indefinite employment as a personal attendant’. That what Terrance was warning us about, Bril has been selling indentured contracts for some of our clan. Contracts my shiny purple choobies. Frotz! Time to find Sish and get a lead on this before the bantha poodoo really hits the reactor.
It’s ok now. I informed Sish of the problem before the senator showed up for his ‘property’, and we got the kriffing hell out of there. I couldn’t take much, but I got what mattered. Bril really shouldn’t have shown off so much. Or at least he should have changed the passcodes for his ship and berth after showing it to me. Ah well, his loss is my gain, and now Sish and I have a shiny new ship, and are on an ‘extended vacation’. Thank the goddess I finished my training last month. The clan at least won’t suspect a thing, and I can gain contacts and standing outside of the clan which will improve my clan standing. And hopefully finally put Bril and his scum friend in their place.

Date – 35:3:17
It’s been a few months after the exodus from Coruscant. We’ve gotten a new mechanic. He’s a belligerent skrag of a wookie, but that’s alright, Sish isn’t much better after all. And he’s set up a distillery near the engine room. Let’s hope he brews something comestible, instead of just that grease stripper they call booze. We’re gonna head to Tatooine and set up shop now.

Daesha (O'Shenlan) O'Shen

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