Medical Droid with a Sinister Intent


Medical droid previously employed by various criminal groups, R41L gained sentience while in the employ of a particularly unsavory group. Used frequently to assist with interrogations (the group couldn’t afford a real interrogation droid) by keeping the captives alive and recovering from their previous torture. R41L had a crisis of conscience when realizing his direct involvement with the torture of many individuals. Through subtle use of drugs and toxins, instead of resuscitating the captives he instead put them out of their misery. As they frequently died on the operating table anyway, no suspicion was aroused as R41L quickly learned the fine art of lying when others assume that a droid will always tell the truth according to it’s programming.

Realizing it was only a matter of time before they wiped his memory again and removed his new-found self-awareness, R41L began to plot his path to freedom. Using his medical knowledge of chemicals and biology, he modified the content some of the groups commonly used combat-stims. When they used them for their next mission – they got the boost they expected, however their were other slow-acting side effects which resulted in many casualties during the mission. When the survivors returned to their base they found R41L waiting for them in the medical bay – with an ultimatum.

Their options were simple – sign over the ownership papers for R41L to ensure his freedom, and he would provide them the antidote to the poison in their bloodstream. If they did not – then they would each die within a few hours. They argued for only a little while and agreed to the demands, figuring that they could just memory wipe the stupid droid later after it provided them the antidote. After receiving the signed papers, R41L administered the antidote to them all, and shortly after he was finished they all appeared relieved as their previous symptoms subsided almost immediately.

Feeling confident they were cured, they descended upon the droid to deactivate him and wipe his memory. It was then when the first of them collapsed screaming, bleeding from his eyes and nose. Shocked they watched in horror as one by one they each died screaming from the new poison R41L had injected them with. With grim satisfaction R41L left the room to seek out new means of employment…


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