Trandoshan bodyguard for O'Shen




Sish’s earliest memory is of hunting down rats to eat and fighting other orphaned thug wanna-bes. His parents were probably among the unfortunate that migrated to Coruscant in hopes of proving themselves and disappeared into the underground’s depths. Sish grew tough battling other child thug wanna-bes and occasionally was able to make money in the various gladiator pits that existed in the underworld. He grew up with very little knowledge of society and language, existing purely in the day to day. It was here he was found by Bitan, at the age of 13, and taken to the Spider Arms to be raised in a more nurturing environment. He still sparred but he was able to take on training in the art of weaponry alongside the more purely physical arts, and he quickly found that gaining social skills allowed him to be much better liked by his new family. Sish is still pretty quiet, having grown up with language being little more than growls and gestures, and when badly hurt he often reverts to little more than basic speech.

At the age of 17, Bitan started finding Sish and Tow (the wookie in the family that Sish grew up with) various contracts for bodyguard work, something that Sish excelled at but Tow was frustrated by. By 19 Bitan had found Sish a lucrative job as a bodyguard for a child noble in a Twilek house, the job being almost a mix of babysitter and bodyguard. Sish was reticent to leave the family, but it was the perfect job. He moved to the mid levels to be O’Shen’s bodyguard, and the rest is history. He and O’Shen got along a little rockily at first, as he found her to be unappreciative of what she had and how good she had it. She found him surly and no fun at all. ;) Over time they grew close, with Sish taking her to meet his family and learning what he could let pass and what would spell danger with her antics.

Corucant’s Slum District G17


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