O'Shen's Rules

1. O’Shen has final veto power on what jobs are ultimately accepted.

2.No political jobs. Ever

3. When under fire, Sish is General, Boss, and God. Listen or get shot.

4. If it’s broken, Chal’anta is your man, carpet, arm rending beast. If you broke it, and he can’t fix it, you bought it, and it’ll come out of your share.

5. We will accept jobs from anyone (within reason). Therefore if you have issues with the client, or the client with you, you will make yourself scarce during negotiations. Also, if you leave a ‘present’ make Damned sure it can’t be traced back to you.

6. It’s our home, keep the boat clean, and store your shit. I’m not your nanny/maid/housekeeper.

7. The enemy of my enemy, is my enemy’s enemy. No more, no less. But feel free to exploit that for our benefit.

8. Just because it’s easy for us doesn’t mean it can’t be hard on the client’s wallet.

9. The longer everything goes according to plan, the bigger the impending disaster. Plan accordingly.

10. 10% of net gain per job goes to ship funds. Everything left will be split evenly between the crew. Deal with it.

O'Shen's Rules

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